Mission Statement

Why we exist

Gas Station Drugs was founded to put our industry and creative expertise to good use to identify and elevate podcasts that might otherwise not receive the attention they deserve. Shows in our stable receive the materials they need to start producing high quality audio, the storytelling and direction of creators with several successful show to their name, and the marketing and business guidance many lack in this space. GSD strives to do this without forcing creators to mortgage their show's earning potential or creative vision.


Founded in 2023 by Josh Burgess and Joseph Rutledge, Gas Station Drugs is the new iteration of Josh's original business Die Inside LLC which was primarily focused on AP creation and production.

Who we are

An image of Joseph Rutledge in a car wearing a beanie

Joseph Rutledge

Partner & Creative Director

Joseph is a respected figure in the field of audio drama, known for his notable works including Wireland Ranch and The Dope Show. He wears multiple hats as the producer, editor, and host of the horror anthology series KILL FM, demonstrating his versatility in writing, directing, showrunning, and voice acting.

In addition to his podcasting endeavors, Joseph is an accomplished musician, poet, writer, and spoken word vocalist.

An image of Josh Burgess making a frowny face

Josh Burgess

Partner & Executive Director

Josh is an entertainment industry veteran, employed full-time at his day job at NBC Universal. In his free time, he runs the business, marketing and accounting aspects of Gas Station Drugs.

In addition, Josh is a published author and storyteller in his own right. He runs the AP What's in The Rift for GSD, and contributes to writing and technical direction for other GSD shows. He serves as the primary executive producer on our shows.