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The showcard for The Dope Show. A house tangled in a veiny mess of multicolored strands sits on the edge of a needle in the center of the composition. The show's title 'The Dope Show' appears just over the barrel of the syringe in the middle-right.

The Dope Show

Immortality at the low, low price of your life.

The Dope Show is a limited run audio drama featuring a star-studded cast.

Starring Steven Ogg, Rory Culkin, Aud Andrews, and Jared Carter.

A reality show akin to Big Brother in which a group of seemingly unsuspecting people are dropped off on Henderson Island with a mansion designed by a madman hundreds of miles from everything.

On the mainland, a struggle erupts between the CEO of the company producing The Dope Show and his ex head of security — now a drug addled pain medicine addict struggling to survive.

Influenced by Gaspar Noe and David Lynch, this series will coincide with season 2 of Wireland Ranch, and expand upon the lore therein.

The showcard for Wireland Ranch. A man stands in the foreground, looking out at a mountain on the horizon, over which a massive pink mushroom cloud is blotting out the sky.

Wireland Ranch

An Amalgamation

Wireland Ranch is a psychedelic cosmic horror audio drama.

A crumbling shack in an alternate version of the Mojave desert that houses the heartbeat at the centre of the universe. Long ago, the heart was diminished when new gods usurped the throne and began their own type of reign. They battled and bickered, causing tragedies, mass rituals, and monied black magic. Now, it seems that history is coming to a head and our spoiled gods are fighting harder than they have ever fought before.

In the centre of this are three humans: An unwitting delivery driver turned host for the parasitic heart of the universe. A disgraced drug addicted private investigator retracing the driver's steps. Lastly our narrator, an Archaeologist digging it all up 5000 years from now.

The showcard for What's in The Rift. The whole image is in stark black and white. The words What's in The Rift appear in the lower third, with the upper two thirds being occupied by the silhouettes of six people standing in front of four black mountains.

What's in The Rift

Sci Fi/Mystery AP/AD

What's in The Rift is a fully cast Actual Play / Audio Drama hybrid.

Six individuals receive mysterious invitations to an enigmatic website known as The Rift. This website promises to provide answers to life's most profound questions, drawing each in as they hope to process some of the inexplicable things happening to them in their own lives.

Within The Rift's message boards, they encounter a series of garbled messages, and a large community attempting to decipher their meaning. Things take an unexpected turn when one member of the group claims to have decoded The Rift's mysterious schematics and built something extraordinary. This revelation prompts five people from incredibly different backgrounds to embark on a journey to Orlando, Florida. There they hope to uncover the true nature of The Rift and its potential connection to their own mysterious pasts. What they discover is much more than they originally bargained for: hidden rooms, a long desiccated body, a computer that operates itself, a device seemingly designed solely to damage brains, and the crumbling edges of reality await.

The showcard for KillFM. The words KillFM appear in the upper third, with the lower third being occupied by a closeup shot of the top of a typewriter with several afterimages in different colors superimposed.


Horror anthology

KILL FM is the brainchild of a bunch of audio drama creators who wanted to make something extra special and spooky.

Featuring some of the brightest names in the indie audio drama scene, KILL FM is a collaborative effort to showcase the extreme talent in the AD community. Though not owned by GSD (or any other individual entity) it is assembled and hosted by Joseph Rutledge, and GSD hosts its feed.

Some of the past participants include cast and crew from The Madness of Chartrulean, The Moon Crown, Regina Prime, The Storage Papers, Station 151, The Supernatural Protection Company, October's Children, The Liminal Lands, Morbid Forest, Ain't Slayed Nobody and many more than we can list here.