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About The Show

What's In The Rift is a modern day sci-fi and horror podcast that combines actual play and audio drama.

Six individuals receive mysterious invitations to a website called The Rift, which promises answers to life's most profound questions. Follow along as they dive deeper into the website's cryptic posts and find themselves on a journey to Orlando, Florida, to uncover the true nature of The Rift and its connection to their own mysterious pasts.

What they discover is a hidden world of strange technology, disturbing experiments, and the crumbling edges of reality.

What's In The Rift is a suspenseful and thought-provoking podcast that explores themes of philosophy, identity, and consciousness. With excellent audio editing and soundscapes setup to highlight the story whilst also complimenting the charisma of the players at the table.

What is What's in The Rift?

What's in The Rift is a hybridized Actual Play and Audio Drama. We feature expert sound design by Joseph Rutledge (creator of Wireland Ranch) and game moderation by Josh Burgess (founder of Gas Station Drugs).

The first season of What's in The Rift is scheduled to run for 20 episodes. Episode length varies between 40-60 minutes, with the first episode being 87 minutes.

What's in The Rift was picked up by Rusty Quill in October of 2023, joining some of the biggest names in fiction podcasts such as Old Gods of Appalachia and Ain't Slayed Nobody. The show offers a Patreon to show support and to gain access to ad-free and early release episodes.

You may find Wireland Ranch merchandise at the Wireland Ranch TeePublic Storefront.

Our Cast

Ryan Daylor — Court Farrokh
Patty Hamilton — Jenny Thomas
Yolandie Hamilton — Blanche Boyet
Joseph Rutledge — Toska Orange
Summer Schlenker — Jackie McCloud
Grayson Stamm — Bruce McKinney
Josh Burgess - Game Moderator and Narrator
Derrick Valen - Herman Foster
Saph the Something - Victoria Sutherland & various
F Scott Graves - Jason Christ
Rae Witte - The Rift
Brady Flanagan - Dima Volkov
Gem Aydin - Helen Kitirci

Who does What's in The Rift appeal to?

What's in The Rift is a philosophical sci-fi mystery, focused on the telling of a tale about the intersectional conflict between what is "real" versus what we lend importance to via our thoughts and actions. What's in The Rift features non-binary characters and actors, acknowledges their existence, and supports their personhood. If that feels like a political statement to you, then this show is not likely for you.

Themes include issues of identity in an ever-shifting world, the nature of consciousness, epistemology, narrative vs historical truth, and existential dread.

What's in The Rift is not suitable for children who have yet to witness the mundane horrors that constitute adult life.

If you have enjoyed the films of the Wachowski siblings, books such as The Expanse by SA Corey or Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer, or audio programs such as The Program or Dark Dice, then chances are you'll enjoy What's in The Rift.

How often do new episodes air?

What's in The Rift episodes release every other Sunday at 9 AM Eastern. On opposing Sundays, the companion podcast Riffin' on The Rift releases at 9 AM Eastern.

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About the Creator

Josh Burgess, sitting on the toilet, but you wouldn't know that because it's just his head (unless you read alt texts).

Josh Burgess is from Bay City, Michigan by way of Chicago. He lives with his wife and three children there, and has been a storyteller his whole life. First published at 12 years old, he had won numerous awards for writing throughout his teenage years and early twenties before ending up in a software development job. After 18 years in that career, What's in The Rift is his first foray back into the narrative world.

In addition to these creative endeavors, Josh is a Director of Engineering at NBC Universal where he oversees their corporate technology department. Views expressed in the podcast and on this site are Josh's own and in no way reflect his employer.

Media Kit

Here are some fun facts about the reach of What's in The Rift as of October 31st 2023:

  • 3,500+ unique downloads through its feed.
  • A tier 1 affiliation with Rusty Quill, the premiere fiction network and home of such shows as The Magnus Archives, Old Gods of Appalachia, and Malevolent.
  • Listeners in 50 countries, with the majority coming from the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, but also a sizeable following in Australia, Germany, Sweden, Brazil and Netherlands.

Right off the bat this show has an awesome hook. I've listened to a lot of actual play shows and made a couple myself, and this one has the strongest opening I've ever heard. 10/10, I'd never heard of the Cortex system before this but they are using it to the fullest extent as they tell an awesome story. Plus pulling in voice actors to voice the npcs is just a really cool move. Well done to Josh and the gang at GSD.

F. Scott Graves

I haven't been this excited about where a show is going since Utopia.

Clay Clark - Beta Listener

seriously hooked on @whatsintherift, easily one of my new fav podcasts

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