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A crumbling shack in the Mojave desert houses the heartbeat at the center of the universe.

Long ago, the heart was diminished to a parasite when new spoiled gods built of the more distasteful human energies usurped the throne and began their own type of reign. They battled and bickered and those arguments translated to our world in the form of tragedies, mass rituals, and monied black magic. Now, it seems that history is coming to a head and our spoiled gods are fighting harder than they have ever fought before.

Dead in the center of all of this are three humans: An unwitting delivery driver turned host for the parasitic heart. A disgraced drug addicted private investigator retracing the driver's steps. And, our narrator, an Archaeologist digging it all up 5000 years from now.

What is Wireland Ranch?

Wireland Ranch is a psychedelic cosmic horror audio drama centered around the squabbles of new gods borne of human greed and lasciviousness. Join Joseph Rutledge as the narrator, an archaeologist examining our era, as he navigates the missteps and follies that still echo in his own world. The story begins focused on the events leading to the initiation of a new Overseer for the dark heart of the universe — Wireland Ranch.

The first season of Wireland Ranch includes 12 episodes ranging between 26 and 44 minutes.

Wireland Ranch was picked up by Rusty Quill in August of 2023, joining some of the biggest names in audio drama such as Old Gods of Appalachia and Malevolent. The show offers a number of avenues to show support, such as Patreon and Ko-fi.

You may find Wireland Ranch merchandise at the Wireland Ranch TeePublic Storefront.

Who does Wireland Ranch appeal to?

Wireland Ranch is an expressly political horror show. This means that anyone who has ever felt that they have been forced to participate in a system that isn't designed for them will understand the ethos of Joseph's storytelling. If you have ever felt that justice is a myth perpetrated by those in power, you will understand the tragedy at the heart of this show. If you feel that the world is not what any of us were promised, but does promise only the best for those who hold the reins, then you belong 'round the bend with us here, at Wireland Ranch.

Themes include consumerism as religion, idolatry, nihilism and existential dread.

Wireland Ranch is not suitable for children who have yet to witness the mundane horrors that constitute adult life.

If you have enjoyed the films of Gaspar Noe or David Lynch, books such as Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy or Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer, or audio programs such as Old Gods of Appalachia or The Milkman of St Gaff's, then chances are you'll enjoy Wireland Ranch.

How often do new episodes air?

We do our damnedest to get one full episode of Wireland Ranch out every two weeks. At least once a month we will have another piece of content from Wireland on the feed as well, whether it's a Microland Ranch or a Wireland NOW episode. The goal is to be as consistent as possible on our timelines going forward.

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About the Creator

Joseph Rutledge in a stark black and white.

Joseph is from the Atlanta area, where he lives with his two children. He is a podcaster who has made a name for himself in the indie audio drama community, and has been involved with numerous projects in various capacities since starting in 2022. He brings a lot of the sensibilities he developed making music into how he produces Wireland Ranch, including the cadence and rhythm to his speaking voice. Wireland Ranch is his first show, but he has many other projects debuting through the end of 2023 and into 2024.

In addition to his creative endeavors, Joseph holds the role of Moderator at Audio Drama Labs, a community that brings together audio drama creators, writers, actors, and producers.

Media Kit

Here are some fun facts about the reach of Wireland Ranch as of September 2023:

  • 50,000+ unique downloads through its feed.
  • A tier 1 affiliation with Rusty Quill, the premiere Audio Drama network and home of such shows as The Magnus Archives, Old Gods of Appalachia, and Malevolent
  • Listeners in 91 countries, with the majority coming from the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, but also a sizeable following in Australia, Germany, Sweden and South Africa.
  • Feed drops on other major shows such as Maeltopia, and The Sleep/Wake Cycle.

If The Goblet Wire is a visceral close reading of surreal terror that hones in on only a few people and their existence in a rambling cosmos, Wireland Ranch is a breathless beat poem of a cosmic horror.

Elena Fernández Collins - Simplecast

Hands down the weirdest, most trippy show I've heard all year. And I mean all of that in the best possible way. If you like weird things, you'll love this. I did!

Evo Terra (founder of The End) - Apple Podcast Reviews

No matter what you've listened to... I guarantee you've never heard anything else like Wireland Ranch. A fiction podcast so unique it's almost a completely different expression of art. Intense, unflinching and viciously fascinating. The sharp societal skewers are rendered with horrifying clarity and blended seamlessly with a killer soundtrack and liquid-smooth poetic prose. I'm grasping for comparison. Nothing else in Audio Fiction matches the raw careening energy of Wireland Ranch. There are a lot of shaking fists in the world, but nothing else is punching this hard.

Jeremy Ellett - Good Pointe Podcasts

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